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Our teach set up a freaking sweet set for a two week in class drawing. He brought in tons of bamboo shoots. Can’t wait to finish it up~




So I was looking into future classes I would like to take for my senior year and I saw that BRYAN KONIETZKO (co creator of avatar) IS TEACHING A WINTERSESSION CLASS.

The unfortunate part about this is that during wintersession freshmen get first picks. Seniors are next… but still….. slim chances for us seniors. Hopefully he stays for the spring then.


Drawing I did for homework. My boyfriend was nice enough to model. I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy with a charcoal drawing before!


Liz drew on me and shannon shaded it. I love being drawn on and my friends just happened to be talented.


My schedule as of now only really lets me animate the night before my class, which is a pain in the ass because basically every thursday night is an all nighter. By some miracle, my teacher canceled class today, which means not only do I get sleep, but more time on this! So ideally I want to go back in and animate more to the end and to the wolf guy.

(I also wanna pat myself on the back from drawing 70 frames last night.)


This is what I did for my wintersession final. I tried combining everything I learned over the past few weeks. I’m pretty happy! I was surprised to learn over wintersession that my best work comes with little to no reference video. I guess my imagination is more powerful.~

If I do detail this, it’d be of my character Sandy from my comic Insomniacs. WOO.


Here’s my video final. I still can’t believe this is what I got to do for a grade.

There’s some things I would like to change, but I’m just being really picky and have other finals to focus on GUH.


Here’s my cutout animation I made for my intro to animation class. The format we needed to have was have a character walk in, stay 2-3 lines, then exit some how. Thanks to Sandy it took and extra week to make. 


I was gunna draw me using the tripod as a weapon, but I’m too tired. FAV SWAG.



Love and miss these guys. :( Can’t wait to live with them!




I regularshow-ified my friends from RISD.

god this is so accurate its hysterical


I can’t handle how amazingly accurate this is Shannon. Great job.

(I’m Mordecai btw) 

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My drawing final, which we had to do in partners. I’m the left side and my partner Chris is on the right. It’s 360 panoramic view of the “rape tunnels” and we definitely had the biggest piece. ;) I’ll have better pictures later.

  • Question: aside from the work load your first semester... did you have any free time at risd to do stuff? i might go there this september and im ready to work but i want to have a social life as well.. and i would like to avoid all nighters if possible. - Anonymous
  • Answer:

    As hard as my first semester was, not everyone gets that much work! And even if you do get a lot of work, one of my favorite things about RISD is the fact that 19 other students are in the same boat as you. I’m not sure if you know about sections or not, but you are with the same people in your studios for a semester. And because of this, even while I was working I was still socializing and hanging out with other people.

    First semester aside, I have a lot more free time now. My teachers give us more time to finish projects and I usually have time to party on weekend nights and hang around the quad with friends on weekdays.

    There’s also the gift from the heavens that is wintersession. It’s a 6 week long semester in which you can take one or two classes in whatever you want. I had TONS of free time then. I even went away on weekends with my friends to Vermont and New York for a few days at a time.

    So all in all, it really depends on the teachers you get that decides whether or not you have a lot of free time, but even when you are doing homework, there’s always other people working in the studios with you. RISD also has many sports teams and clubs where you can meet people too!